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Second half

2020 has been a ride, hasn't it? And it doesn't look like the rollercoaster is quite done yet. But I like taking a moment at the start of July to reflect on what I've done over the first six months of the year and where I want to go from here.

Although Covid-19 wreaked havoc with my travel plans and disrupted the publishing/book industry, I finished line edits and copy edits for my first book and turned in both the first draft and an early round of revisions of my second book. (I've already written and/or revised close to 400,000 words, which is pretty amazing when you consider the two weeks we were in Hawaii and the three weeks I was terribly sick!!)

I've been riding both my mustangs at an area barn and switched from English to Western for some trail training on my youngest mare. My daughter has been riding with me twice a week and our shared barn time has become one of the highlights of the year for me.

I also brought home two Maine Coon kittens. One comes from an AMAZING breeder about two hours away - my little Mina, who is a gem in every way. The other comes from an overcrowded cattery in Nebraska. Her name is Sparrow and she has the potential to be a lovely cat. Unfortunately, she was severely malnourished and ill when I got her, and bringing her back to health has been a challenge. She knows NOTHING about houses or people or how to get along with other cats, so... she's a project. But she purrs all the time and I love seeing her learn and grow.

So, what's next? Well, instead of setting firm, specific goals as I usually do, 2020 has taught me some hard lessons about remaining focused but flexible. Now my goals look like: "Do [x] unless [y] happens, in which case switch to [z] instead." Or: "Focus on [a] but if [b] happens then maybe do [c] until [d] happens." :P

But I'm diving into the adult book I've wanted to write forever while I wait on editorial feedback on my second MG, so that's going to keep me busy for a long while. I'm also researching the next project and developing a third MG for my option book. Basically, I'm writing ALL THE THINGS.

Next steps:


LARK AND THE WILD HUNT: first editorial pass

THE SWAN QUEEN: rough draft

[YA SECRET PROJECT]: research and development

[MG option]: brainstorm

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